Drew the Dramatic Fool
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Drew entering foolishly
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“We saw Drew get a standing ovation in Baltimore and we knew we had to bring him to Maine.”
—Mike Miclon, Oddfellow Theater

“He's pushing the limits of contemporary clowning.”
—Chicago Reader

Drew's current one-man show is:
Help! Help! I Know This Title is Long, But Somebody's Trying to Kill Me!
Directed by Avner Eisenberg
(aka Avner the Eccentric)

All the performers in this vaudeville variety show have been murdered–except for Drew the Dramatic Fool. Unfortunately for him, the show must go on, or he’s next. Drew attempts every act in the show, from juggling 36 balls to sawing a woman in half, in this comical examination of fears–fear of performing, fear of failure, and fear of death. When courage fails, the only answer is dramatic foolishness.

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